Our gifting collection

Presents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some in miniature to fill stockings, post to loved ones or pop round to neighbours. Some more extravagant, for an extra-special occasion or person. And some in-between, modest in expense but still oh-so thoughtful. You’ll find a little of all three below in our carefully-curated collection of gifts for Christmases, birthdays and wedding anniversaries alike, organised by room so finding the perfect present for every cook, and duvet-day lover, outdoorsy type and studious soul on your list is as simple as can be.

Christmas breakfast-2

For the dining room


For the living room


For the bootroom


For the kitchen

Xmas20_Childs Bedroom_Felted Animals

For the bedroom


For the bathroom

Harrington Armchair with Fire Pit Portrait

For the garden

Festive desk with Suffolk

For the home office