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Kitchen Furniture

SuffolkChopping Block
from  €1,395
28+ colours W:80cm, D:50cm, H:85.7cm
Suffolk3ft Wine Rack
from  €1,275
28+ colours W:82cm, D:38cm, H:87cm
Suffolk4ft Wine Rack
from  €1,725
28+ colours W:121cm, D:38cm, H:87cm
ChichesterChopping Block
from  €1,425
28+ colours W:81cm, D:55cm, H:86cm
Chichester2ft6 Wine Rack
from  €990
28+ colours W:79.5cm, D:38cm, H:87cm
Chichester4ft Wine Rack
from  €1,390
28+ colours W:122cm, D:38cm, H:87cm
ChichesterTall Wine Rack
from  €1,435
28+ colours W:81.5cm, D:42.5cm, H:209cm
Chichester5ft Potboard
from  €1,565
28+ colours W:153cm, D:49cm, H:87cm
W:122cm, D:38cm, H:87cm
StrattonStep Stool
from  €425
28+ colours W:42.5cm, D:40cm, H:50.5cm
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