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Haybrook Round Vase, Snow

Haybrook’s one of our most rustic decorative pieces, with its distinctive crackle finish and unglazed patches... Read more

A closer look at Haybrook

Haybrook’s one of our most rustic decorative pieces, with its distinctive crackle finish and unglazed patches. Try using it in a space with lots of refined textures to create contrast and make it feel more relaxed. It comes in three sizes which work well on their own but are particularly effective for combining with other cream-coloured ceramics en-masse in a dresser or display cabinet.

The material

Terracotta is a type of earthenware clay that has a red-orange colour thanks to the amount of iron in it. You can see a little of that colour coming through Haybrook’s glaze. Earthenware is fired at lower temperatures than stoneware or porcelain, which also gives it a rougher surface, adding to the weather-worn feel of this vase.

The finish

The crackle finish on Haybrook is created using two layers of glaze. Because one dries quicker than the other, hairline cracks appear in the surface, giving it the feel of a much older piece and more layers of texture and interest. Glazing also makes the normally porous terracotta water-tight. The unglazed patches are made by adding a paint to the raw clay which the glaze doesn’t stick to.

Creating the vase

Also adding to Haybrook’s rustic feel is the fact that it’s hand-made. Most of our pottery pieces are cast in a mould, which means they’re mostly uniform. But Haybrook’s made by building up the shape with slabs of clay, so each one is a little individual in terms of size and shape as well as finish.

What to fill it with

Haybrook’s decorative enough that you can leave it empty, but it’s also easy to arrange with as well. If you do want to fill it, go for loose, hedgerow-style stems to work with the vase’s informal feel, like our Hops bunch and Corn Parsley. In autumn and winter, the dried look of the Queen Anne’s Lace stem complements the reddish clay.

  • Height :23cm
  • Diameter :26.50cm
  • Weight :5kg

Just so you know

Our larger vases are heavy. Half-full of water, even heavier. So we recommend arranging your flowers in situ rather than trying to carry the vase when it’s full.

Care guide

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No-quibble returns

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