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Brands that we respect

You may have heard or read about our 'whole home' concept. If not, it's a term that we use to try to describe what we're trying to do here at Neptune. When we design, we think about how to create an aesthetic that will bring your 'whole home' together. We want things to work together, effortlessly, and to complement each other, beautifully. Not only that, we're building collections that span so much more than furniture without overwhelming you with options. They extend into flooring, paint, lighting, crockery and bed linen.

Sometimes though, they are pieces that are outside of our comfort zone and we'd prefer to leave it to the real experts in that field to make. But they're products that are so key to the home that we feel rather passionate about them. We think of them as our 'partner products'. They're the designs and the brands to which we pledge our allegiance. That we trust. That we feel are akin to our own way of thinking and of doing.


For us, we think of Sonos is a bit of a "wow" brand.

Music in the home is a lovely thing. It's almost part of the furniture, helping to set the scene and create ambiance. But Sonos creates more of an experience out of music. They saw a way to get all the music you could pretty much dream of so that it can be enjoyed in any and every room of the home.  The music follows you, rather than the other way round.

Sonos products are reliable. They're elegant and they're subtle. Quite simply, they do what they're meant to do, and they do it very nicely indeed.


You'll notice that in almost every one of our stores, we feature a woodburning stove. And it's always a Jøtul.

When John (our co-founder) and his wife, Emma (our Creative Director) had just married and moved into their cottage, they put their savings together and invested in a Jøtul woodburner. It filled their entire home with warmth and was the only heat source they needed. More than 25 years on, they still have that very-same stove. It was a lesson in life for them  -  good things last.

Jøtul is a beautiful Norwegian company whose cast iron designs are built to last a lifetime. They create designs both contemporary and classic. Why would we use anything else?


We love range cooking. It seems like the perfect combination between style and function.

Everhot provides us with a modern take on traditional elegance. Contemporary thought drives its designs so that efficiency sits at the core of what they do. It gives us the best of both worlds, and its cookers make a wonderful partner to any of our kitchen collections.

And even better, they're all made here in the United Kingdom, in not-too-far-away Gloucestershire.


From interiors to architecture, we have deep respect for any form of iconic design.

We think of an AGA as being a bit like a 1930s Rolls-Royce. It's spot on. You just can't better it.

The aesthetics have had no real need to change in any shape or form, but the technology has advanced so old-world and new are both catered for. They're a different type of icon in the kitchen to the Everhot, but we love them both equally.

Bosch, Neff and Siemens

Although they're three different brands, we group Bosch, Neff and Siemens together as they're our go-to companies for all of our other kitchen appliances.

We talk about design a lot at Neptune, but we care just as much for value and quality. These are the three that we feel are the best representation of those values. From dishwashers to integrated fridge-freezers.

These are the brands that we turn to for the kitchens in our own homes.

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