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Find a store

Neptune stores

For the full Neptune experience.

Neptune stores are our main home. It’s where you’ll find more of our collections, because they’re usually bigger and because we design them to not just feel like a home, but to show you as many of our designs in person as we can.

Our one-of-a-kind stores

From barn conversions to Georgian townhouses, no two Neptune stores are ever the same. Stop by and see for yourself – there are more than 25 across the UK to choose from.

Neptune By stores

For an edited version of our stores.

If your closest store is a ‘Neptune By’, you can expect to find a smaller collection than what you’d seen in one of our full Neptune homes. Sometimes you’ll see us on an entire floor, sometimes spread across two, and often alongside the other brands the store decides to stock too.

Partner stores

For a taste of Neptune and our collections.

Our partner stores are the place to visit if you’re looking for more of a taster to Neptune. You won’t find as many of our designs because we’re generally in a smaller spot, and you won’t get the feeling of walking into somebody’s home, but you’ll get to see a handful of our designs in person.

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