Ways with Rhubarb

Ways with Rhubarb

At once a vibrant pinkish-orange and gentle earthy-red, our new shade Rhubarb’s richly pigmented character shifts as day turns to dusk. As with every new season, we’ve taken Rhubarb as the starting point for three guiding (but by no means limiting) colour pairings.

Much like its real-life counterpart, Rhubarb's a heady shade that creates an impact even in small doses, making it, in our eyes, the perfect accent shade for highlighting features and adding a touch of vivacity to a room. If you wanted to use it on a larger scale, it’ll confidently wrap one or more walls, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, or an expanse of ceiling in bold colour.

Rhubarb, Paprika, and Cotswold

Our honeyed stone shade, Cotswold, provides the warm neutral base to our first palette. We’ve paired it with Rhubarb’s striking coral colouring and the darker red of Paprika to create a look with a rich, balanced depth. Doors and their frames, ceilings, and wooden furniture lend themselves particularly well to these two complementary reddy shades. And for a hit of freshness, we’ve introduced Blakeney Blue, our mid-blue hue, as a cooling, contrasting accent.

Rhubarb and Saffron

Rhubarb’s warm rose and terracotta tones that come to life as daylight dwindles partner perfectly with Saffron’s grounding ‘true’ yellow presence. To soften the look, rather than paint, you could incorporate Rhubarb using our Linara fabric. As such, it’s a scheme that lends itself naturally to a sitting room or cosseting snug. Mid and dark greens, like Cactus and Constable Green, will weave in well if you’re looking to introduce glimpses of natural verdancy.

Rhubarb, Moss & Fine Mahogany

The calming blue-greens of Moss frame our final palette. It’s one we’ve created with a bedroom in mind, though it would suit a home office or bathroom well too. Cool but never cold, Moss will sit harmoniously alongside Rhubarb’s punchier presence, which we’re using as one of two accent shades here. Fine Mahogany, the second, shares similar subtle red undertones with Rhubarb and used sparingly, will bring an earthy sophistication to the finished look.

To start experimenting with Rhubarb and the other paints in our collection, order sample tins here. Or for help that’s tailored to your home, find out more about our Colour Consultancy Service.

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