Neptune Trade Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply between Neptune (Europe) Ltd (“Neptune”) and any business Neptune has invited to participate in its trade discount program (“Business”) and apply to each purchase made by a Business from Neptune. 

How the programme works

  1. Businesses will access the program either by logging on to Neptune’s website or by contacting one of Neptune’s participating stores, using the details Neptune will provide. This will enable Businesses to access a discount on Neptune’s prices (“Discount”). The level of the Discount will be as notified by Neptune to the Business and Neptune may change the Discount at any time.
  2. The Discount applies to Neptune products only, and does not include products Neptune sources from any third party, such as appliances and worktops.
  3. The Discount does not apply to gift cards.
  4. The Discount is for the use of the Business only, in its business capacity (i.e. for the onward sale to third party private individual customers of the Business). It is not to be used by any other person, including employees of the Business for their personal use.
  5. The Business acknowledges that Neptune has established a high quality retail network of its own stores and of independent third party stores, the design of which accords to Neptune’s high standards. Unless Neptune agrees otherwise, the Business must not stock or display any Neptune products in its premises.
  6. The Business must keep its log on details secure and confidential, and ensure they are shared only with those if its employees who need to know them.
  7. Neptune can terminate the Business’s participation in the program at any time and for any reason.

Purchases and payment

  1. All orders are processed on a pro-forma basis only unless otherwise agreed and must be paid for in full before they are delivered.
  2. Invoices can be paid by bank transfer or by debit or credit card.


Neptune will deliver all items direct to the end customer. The delivery charges that will apply will be the same as those that apply in Neptune’s general terms and conditions available at


Neptune offers comprehensive customer guarantees as detailed in its terms and conditions at These guarantees will apply to the Business’s customers in the same way as it applies to Neptune’s direct customers. The Business will ensure that its end customers are informed of and benefit from all applicable guarantees.

Goodwill and IP

The Business will not use any of Neptune’s trademarks without its consent. Neptune will retain all rights in its trademarks and other intellectual property and all goodwill generated in it.