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Suthfield Artichoke Stem

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A closer look at Suthfield

Different from all our other ornaments, the Suthfield artichoke stem is very long. So, it works well laid on a mantelpiece, a console table and on a shelf in front of books. Or use them in pairs – one small and one large side by side, or two of the same size top-to-tail. Also, because it’s a vegetable, it makes an interesting centrepiece on a dining table.

Materials and finish

The Suthfield artichoke is made from resin has a really rustic look – a matte, chalky finish with lots of cracking and peeling. So it brings interesting contrast and balance to smooth, ‘finished’ rooms.

Design details

For a house to feel like a home, it needs things that are purely decorative. Like a picture or a sculpture that will add life and texture to a room. Our ornaments have lots of different finishes, so they look like they’ve been collected over time, and are all part of your unique story.

Design inspiration

Artichokes are an ancient vegetable so it’s not surprising they’re surrounded by symbolism. They represent hope, peace and prosperity. Also, the artichoke (like the pine cone and pineapple) displays the Golden spiral or Fibonacci spiral which links to the ‘Golden ratio’ – a mathematical ratio seen universally in nature.

  • Diameter :8.50cm
  • Height :41cm
  • Weight :0.55kg
  • Made From :Resin
  • Finish :Distressed

Taking care

Just wipe over it with a damp cloth (with no detergent on it) once a week to collect any dust.

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