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Belmont Glass Jar, large

The Belmont Jars prove that displays can be practical as well as charming... Read more

A closer look at Belmont

The Belmont Jars prove that displays can be practical as well as charming. The lovely solid handle and robust glass jar provide an excellent excuse for showing off your latest culinary creation or as a pretty focal point for a kitchen table or bathroom.

The making process

All our glassware is mouth-blown. It’s a traditional technique that leaves small air bubbles trapped in the glass. We fire-polish every piece to remove as many as we can, but we can’t remove them all. And we wouldn’t want to – it’s a mark of true craftsmanship.

Design details

The glass of our Belmont jars is thick enough to be strong but thin enough to be elegant. The tall knob was designed with a ‘neck’ and a ‘collar’. So as well as feeling lovely to touch, it’s easy to grasp firmly and safely for both large and little hands.

Design inspiration

Storing kitchen ingredients in glass jars isn’t a new idea. Spare Kilner pickling jars were being used this way decades ago – and still are. The difference is it’s quicker and easier to lift a lid with one hand, than to unscrew a jar which needs both. And the Belmont jars look a little more elegant.

Other uses

The large Belmont jar is too large for bathroom supplies. But the smaller Belmont jars work well in the bathroom. And you can use this matching large size as a dust-free way to display a collection of shells, or dried allium heads.

  • Diameter :22cm
  • Height :42cm
  • Weight :4.08kg
  • Made From :Glass

Just so you know

This large jar is heavy. Half-full of ingredients, even heavier. So we recommend filling it in situ rather than trying to move the jar when it’s full.

Care guide

You can put our glassware in the dishwasher but to keep it looking its best, we recommend you wash it up by hand.

When it comes to smaller items, we don't hang around.

From our own, white-glove service for delivering larger pieces in the UK and Ireland, to our courier and international partners, rest assured that we’ve done everything we can to make sure your order gets to you on time and in one, perfect piece.

Delivery’s also entirely free if you’re in the UK and spend over £50 (or €100 in Ireland).

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