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Flower Stems

H:87.63cm, Dia:17.78cm
H:58.42cm, Dia:20.32cm
H:82.55cm, Dia:20.32cm
H:66.04cm, Dia:25.4cm
H:127cm, Dia:14cm, W:14cm
H:127cm, Dia:14cm, W:14cm
H:90cm, Dia:45cm, W:45cm
H:135cm, Dia:37cm, W:37cm
H:84cm, Dia:22cm
H:54cm, Dia:12cm
H:65cm, Dia:15cm
H:56cm, Dia:16cm
H:56cm, Dia:16cm
H:61cm, Dia:20cm
H:56cm, Dia:20cm
H:56cm, Dia:8cm
H:43cm, Dia:3.5cm
H:90cm, Dia:28cm
H:43cm, Dia:7cm
H:76cm, Dia:8cm
H:74cm, Dia:12cm
H:74cm, Dia:8cm
H:42cm, Dia:7cm
H:123cm, Dia:12cm
H:84cm, Dia:22cm
H:84cm, Dia:22cm
H:84cm, Dia:22cm
H:84cm, Dia:24cm
H:84cm, Dia:24cm
H:90cm, Dia:25cm
H:103cm, Dia:20cm
New BerryTwig, Damson
H:84cm, W:16cm
New OakFrosted Autumn
H:71cm, W:24cm
H:99cm, W:20cm
H:88cm, W:20cm
New PineGarland, Green
H:180cm, W:26cm
H:105cm, Dia:35cm, W:35cm
H:91cm, Dia:27cm, W:27cm
H:95cm, Dia:54cm
H:103cm, Dia:43cm
H:87cm, Dia:30cm
H:119cm, Dia:38cm
H:94cm, Dia:22cm
H:96cm, Dia:5cm
H:115cm, Dia:9cm
H:88cm, Dia:21cm
H:129cm, Dia:35cm
H:88cm, Dia:19cm
H:107cm, Dia:30cm
H:88cm, Dia:12cm
H:74cm, Dia:20cm
H:84cm, Dia:25cm
H:71cm, Dia:15cm
H:103cm, Dia:35cm
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