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When we ask people what made them choose Chichester, they generally say that they felt it was most traditional and the most country of all of our collections.

It’s because Chichester’s the only one with classic cockbead moulding around the cabinet fronts – it’s surprising how much difference it makes to your room.

It also has the odd curve here and there that soften its look and will help your whole kitchen to feel homely.

What makes Chichester different?

Neptune kitchens have lots in common. They’re all made from natural timber, they all have a hand-painted finish, they’re all designed to be proper pieces of furniture – made properly inside and out and at every angle.

But, they’ve all got a handful of details that make them different to one another too…

Painted interiors

The inside of Chichester’s cabinets are all painted too (you can choose any of our colours) rather than being exposed oak like in Suffolk.

Vegetable trays

No two Neptune larders are identical. Chichester’s has three curved pullout vegetable trays at the bottom to suit its slightly more traditional character.

Cutlery drawers

Open a cutlery drawer in Chichester and you’ll see they’re lined with velvet. Sections for keeping things tidy and velvet to stop things from getting scratched.

Window seat cabinets

Chichester’s the only collection with these low cabinets that create a window seat perch. But you can use our bespoke service if you decide to go with Henley or Suffolk.


Chichester also has our largest number of laundry room cabinets, from our two-tiered washer-dryer cabinet to our oak rail airing cabinet.

Ladders and rails

In Chichester, you can have a rail designed along the top of a run of full-height cabinets that this oak library-style ladder hooks onto.

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