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What lies behind a Neptune kitchen

Happiness by design

A Neptune kitchen reinvents. It thinks before it speaks. It restores. It changes your every day. It makes it easier. But more importantly, it makes it happier.

Our belief

We believe in the power of good design. Such an unbelievable amount of thought goes into every one of our kitchen cabinets because we want them to outperform your expectations.

Our way of thinking always starts with ‘people first’. We know what it feels like to have a family, to work hard, to contend with life’s ups and downs, and so when we make, we try to come up with things that will make life easier and better. That’s why we always carve out the time to imagine a day in the life of one of our kitchens to ask ourselves “but what else could it do?” We want it to be better than you ever imagined.

Good design isn’t solely about how beautiful something looks. It runs much deeper than that. It’s about how intuitively something behaves too; understanding what you need and being there, waiting, as and when you need it. And it’s about how that concept then comes together with all the things that follow below.

That’s the truth of good design.

The materials

Our kitchen cabinetry is solid timber. We never use MDF or chipboard. The reason for wood is twofold. First, trust. Our founders, John and Giles, are both enthusiastic sailors and many years ago said that they wanted to create furniture that was “safe as boats, not houses.” That means furniture that can cope with the rough and tumble of everyday life, that doesn’t warp or shrink, that can cope with the unexpected. The second reason concerns heritage. Wooden furniture has been used in our homes for centuries. It’s renewable, natural, versatile, insulating and tactile. No man-made attempts feel quite like it. For painted cabinetry we use tulipwood and wherever you see exposed timber, you’ll know that it’s solid oak.

Then there are our work surfaces. We craft them from solid substances. Some are entirely natural stones (such as granite or Carrara marble), others are utterly beautiful and ever so clever man-made composites (such as Quartz or ceramic). We also offer pure oak. Our kitchen designers will talk you through the character profile of each one to guide you to the material that will best suit your lifestyle.

The art of timelessness

Each of our kitchens has its own hand-writing; they all have something that makes them unique. But every one is timeless. We may pay attention to trends but we try to transcend them. We’re not interested in what’s going to come and go. We’re in it for the long haul.

The classic English kitchen is a key source of inspiration for us. No matter where a design takes us, that’s what grounds it fundamentally. There’s always a pantry-style feel, somewhere, but we like to explore and play with other influences from Shaker to loft living. And we like to be a little unexpected sometimes. Really, we want to honour existing classics but to be the creators of new ones too.

Crafted, not manufactured

From kitchen cabinetry to bed frames, everything we make uses a happy combination of traditional craft and modern-day making. We obsess over joinery, favouring dovetails, and use mortise and tenon over pins and staples. But we also invest in cutting-edge technology like lasers to precision-make our work surfaces.

Every one of our designs starts life at our HQ in Wiltshire. It’s where all of our ideas are born and developed. Our kitchen cabinetry is then expertly made at our production house in Qingdao, unless it’s a bespoke piece, which are made in our carpentry workshop at HQ. 

Specialist installation

We have a training academy at our Wiltshire head office where we teach our accredited installers how to fit a Neptune kitchen. It’s a real skill that needs to be carefully honed as a Neptune kitchen is like no other. Some are specialists at installing cabinetry, others are stone experts and so will look after you when it comes to fitting your worktops. And on the subject of work surfaces, we template them once your base cabinetry is fitted. It’s the most accurate way possible of working.

Within our kitchen brochure, you can find our helpful guide on how to prepare your space in the run-up to installation day, as well as a detailed overview of what you can expect to happen when the big day arrives. You can order a copy, for free, here.

A lifetime guarantee

If it isn’t already apparent, we build to last. In every sense of the word. Quality, craft, materials, style, and service. That’s why we’re proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our kitchens when they’re fitted by one of our approved installers. We doubt you’ll ever need it, but we understand that peace of mind is a lovely thing to have.

Our full-assurance lifetime guarantee means that should you ever need us, we’ll be there. We want every aspect of your experience with Neptune to be special, from the materials we use right down to the areas that are often considered laborious, like guarantees. So we’ve written all the details in plain English. No technical jargon, no hidden clauses. Our guarantees are there to look after you, just as we are. We’re very proud of our craftsmanship, but we know that very occasionally problems arise. Instead of shying away from that, we decided to implement a guarantee of which we’re equally as proud.

The bespoke workshop

For made-to-measure cabinetry

Kitchens can be complicated spaces. So we offer a bespoke service for our kitchen cabinetry where we can make to whatever width, whatever depth, and whatever height you need. That way, we don’t ever have to compromise on the layout you want. We’ll make it work.

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The collections

Chichester. Suffolk. Henley. Limehouse.


Our very first kitchen. It began as a few key pieces – a chopping block, a dresser and a table – and then it evolved.



A modest chair from the 1700s spied on a family holiday in East Anglia inspired this entire kitchen. It nods, quietly, to Shaker-style design.



A vision in oak. The Henley began as an all-drawer concept. We wanted it to appear simple but think smart. And this year, we re-engineered it entirely. It’s upped its game, again.



Its aesthetic may be sleek and minimal, but Limehouse is our most technically advanced kitchen. It's contemporary in style and thought.

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Let’s design

The process

the collections

Every one is unique and every one has a different design journey.

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Your complimentary

With one of our kitchen designers at your closest Neptune store.

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The full
design service

When the fun begins and we start to bring your new kitchen to life…

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