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The sleekest, the most contemporary and the most streamlined kitchen in our collection.

Limehouse is a kitchen for people who prefer a contemporary look and feel, but want the heritage and the quality of timber cabinetry over melamine or chipboard.

If you’re the sort of person who has a hawk-like eye and real appreciation for detail, then Limehouse’s meticulous design might appeal too. The precise lining up of all of the grooves running through each cabinet, and the mirroring of those lines in Limehouse’s own handle design are what make it feel so smooth and polished.

What makes Limehouse different?

Neptune kitchens all have lots in common. They’re all made from natural timber, they all have a hand-painted finish, they’re all designed to be proper pieces of furniture – made properly inside and out and at every angle.

But, they’ve all got a handful of details that make them different to one another too…

A pull out larder

Henley and Limehouse share a similar larder design with an oak rack that folds out to give you as much versatile, layered storage space as possible.

Frameless design

Look at any of our other collections and you’ll see every cabinet has a timber frame surrounding it, but to suit Limehouse’s less-is-more, contemporary design, we’ve kept it entirely frameless. It also gives you more storage space inside.

Wine rack

All of our wine racks are a bit different. Limehouse's is scooped back so you can’t see the shelf supporting each bottle. You can spy the teeth, which look structured yet sleek like the rest of the collection, but nothing at all from some angles. As though they're floating. 

A hidden extractor

In Limehouse, you can choose a sleek, sunken extractor fan that hides below the worktop until you’re ready to cook.

Under-the-sink folding cabinet 

Limehouse has a roll-down compartment rather than a cabinet under the sink. Inside there's a stainless steel cubby for keeping washing up bits and bobs so they don't need to stay out on the surface. 

Full Height
  • Limehouse 600mm Dishwasher Fascia
    600mm Dishwasher Fascia €245
  • Limehouse 600mm Appliance Fascia
    600mm Appliance Fascia €340
  • Limehouse 180mm Towel Rack
    180mm Towel Rack €515
  • Limehouse 180mm Single Wine Rack
    180mm Single Wine Rack €585
  • Limehouse 130mm Chopping Block & Tray Base Cabinet
    130mm Chopping Block & Tray Base Cabinet €645
  • Limehouse 290mm 2 Drawer
    290mm 2 Drawer €835
  • Limehouse 350mm 1 Door
    350mm 1 Door €860
  • Limehouse 690mm Single Undercounter Oven
    690mm Single Undercounter Oven €955
  • Limehouse 450mm 1 Door
    450mm 1 Door €1,010
  • Limehouse 600mm 1 Door
    600mm 1 Door €1,105
  • Limehouse 430mm Double Bin
    430mm Double Bin €1,140
  • Limehouse 490mm Bin
    490mm Bin €1,150
  • Limehouse 660mm Sink Cabinet
    660mm Sink Cabinet €1,265
  • Limehouse 390mm 3 Drawer
    390mm 3 Drawer €1,285
  • Limehouse 860mm Sink Cabinet
    860mm Sink Cabinet €1,495
  • Limehouse 540mm 3 Drawer
    540mm 3 Drawer €1,520
  • Limehouse 510mm Blind Corner
    510mm Blind Corner €1,545
  • Limehouse 1090mm 2 Door
    1090mm 2 Door €1,555
  • Limehouse 680mm 3 Drawer
    680mm 3 Drawer €1,765
  • Limehouse 920mm 3 Drawer
    920mm 3 Drawer €1,905
  • Limehouse 1350mm 7 Drawer (380mm depth)
    1350mm 7 Drawer (380mm depth) €3,030
  • Limehouse 1350mm 7 Drawer
    1350mm 7 Drawer €3,230
  • Limehouse 450mm 1 Door
    450mm 1 Door €660
  • Limehouse 450mm Glazed
    450mm Glazed €750
  • Limehouse 600 1 Door
    600 1 Door €940
  • Limehouse 920mm 2 Door
    920mm 2 Door €1,105
  • Limehouse 920mm 2 Door Glazed
    920mm 2 Door Glazed €1,175
  • Limehouse 920mm American Fridge Bridge
    920mm American Fridge Bridge €820
  • Limehouse 180mm Full Height Wine Rack
    180mm Full Height Wine Rack €860
  • Limehouse 610mm Full Height Fridge/Freezer
    610mm Full Height Fridge/Freezer €1,725
  • Limehouse 690mm Full Height Double Appliance
    690mm Full Height Double Appliance €2,485
  • Limehouse 690mm Full Height Single Appliance
    690mm Full Height Single Appliance €2,570
  • Limehouse 450mm Full Height Larder
    450mm Full Height Larder €2,635
  • Limehouse 690mm Full Height Larder
    690mm Full Height Larder €3,605
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