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Pine Garland - Green

Because it isn’t frosted, you can use this pine garland from autumn right the way through winter – not just at Christmas... Lire la suite

A closer look at Pine

Because it isn’t frosted, you can use this pine garland from autumn right the way through winter – not just at Christmas. With lichen-covered branches and papery, crisp cones, it’ll add an incredibly real, outdoorsy feel.

Why life-like?

Bringing evergreen foliage into your home at Christmas is something we’ve been doing for centuries – it’s a way to remember that, even in the depths of winter, there’s still life outside. But if you’re less keen on dropping needles and wilting branches, that’s where our life-like stems comes in.

From real-life to life-like

This garland is hand-painted so that no two look the same – just like in real life. And so it doesn’t just sit straight, its branches are wired so you can bend them into the position you want.


Sometimes natural materials are best, other times synthetic. For our life-like stems, it’s polyester that creates the most realistic look. Easy to dye, it’s vibrant and colourfast so your stem won’t fade. And it can be made matte or shiny to look exactly like the real thing.

Arrangement ideas

Keep it simple in autumn and winter. Try it on (and suspended above) you dining table or wrapped around chair backs. Then, include a few of our russet Rowan and Queen Anne’s Lace stems in the same room to pick up on the pinecone colour. At Christmas, add other types of evergreen foliage for a fuller, richer look.

  • Height :180cm
  • Weight :0.30kg
  • Width :26cm

Just so you know

The wire in the stem is tough so you can’t accidentally snap it. But you’ll need something powerful if you want to trim it down. We’ve found long-handled loppers (the ones for pruning shrubs and trees) or wire cutters do the trick.

The wire inside also means you can’t put your stem in water for long or it’ll rust. So if you’re arranging it with real flowers, bend the life-like stem up out of the water.

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