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What makes the perfect sofa?

Is it the softness of the cushion, the pitch of the seat, the style of the frame or the sentimental memories of a well-loved family heirloom?

The perfect sofa is a character in its own right. It becomes part of the fabric of your lives not just the architecture of your house. The first year it is pristine and perfect, then it becomes the ideal climbing frame for your toddler or bed for your afternoon nap. It is a much loved piece of furniture that needs to be just as good at hosting high tea as it is cocktail hour.

So we went back to the drawing board, or drawing room to be specific, to think about why we love our favourite armchair or well-worn sofa. They are all inviting, comforting and stylish. They make us smile, make us sigh and make us sit back and relax. They are sofas for really living in.

And that is how we have designed this new collection. They are seriously lovely seats to live your life in.

Five reasons

To love our upholstery