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little luxuries for the bedroom

Little luxuries. Every bedroom should have at the very least one or two. These are the things that you spy when you stop at someone's house and you think "I'd love one of those". They're the touches that make you go back to the same hotel again and again. The bigger bits and the smaller bobs that make your heart skip a beat. And you'd be surprised how easy it is to make those little luxuries part of your everyday.

Our must- haves

A dressing area

Create a vanity area with a dressing table (or a console styled as one), whose tabletop is covered in your most splendid getting-ready essentials. If you have the room, hunt down some vintage screens to section off that area of your bedroom to really elevate the look.

Our pick: Chichester or Larsson dressing table.

A slipper chair

A bedroom with an armchair is a dream come true, but for more modestly-sized rooms, go for the classic slipper chair. Its armless silhouette and low-to-the-floor stance makes it unobtrusive but not so sleek that it will go unnoticed. Choose pared-back grey wool or natural linen for an air of elegance or accent your room with a pop of colour in a rich velvet shade.

Our pick: Madeleine chair.

Egyptian cotton bed linen

Once you sleep on sheets that are Egyptian cotton and a luxuriously high thread count you honestly won't want to sleep on anything else, ever. Silky smooth and slightly cool against the skin, it's absolute heaven. We always choose crisp white. It seems to be the most inviting colour on a bed and is the perfect backdrop for you to accessorise against. More on that below.

Our pick: Sophie bed linen.

End-of-bed blanket

Some people never even use theirs, but it's not about utility, it's about beautility. Beds with a throw at their base are admired because they add another dimension to a bed's dress code and show a real attention to detail. Not only that, they offer reassurance, telling you if you feel a chill, I'm here waiting.

Our pick: Cotswold throw.


An utter must in every room as far as we're concerned. We like to put a scented one on each nightstand, or bedside shelf, lighting them just before bedtime so you drift off in the loveliest of settings. Then we take candlesticks and cluster them on a window sill, playing with different height arrangements, lighting them as much as we can with a box of pretty matches so every aspect of the experience is a happy one.

Our pick: Christie Amber and Highbury.


An elegant bouquet in a clear glass vase or even just a solitary stem. Choose a life-like flower to not confuse your candle's scent and so there's no floating pollen to interfere with your sleep.

Our pick: Snowshill or Hyacinth.

A breakfast tray

Because breakfast in bed is a human right. We try to make sure at least one weekend morning follows a breakfast in bed ritual. For hyper functionality, you can choose bedsides like the Aldwych where the tray tabletop is detachable. There's almost no excuse not to.

Our pick: Aldwych and Corinium.

A glass jug and tumbler

In many of literature's classic novels we read of jug and bowl in each bedroom for washing in the morning. While we don't need such things in our modern times, a reference to the tradition is a charming touch. Fill a clear jug with water and a slice of lemon or cucumber, take a tumbler or two as well, and rest them in your bedroom so should you wake in the night, there's always a refreshing drink within arm's reach.

Our pick: Greenwich.

An oversized mirror

The bigger, the better. Floor-length mirrors are so very useful for confirming your outfit selection. Tall and slim ones do the job perfectly, but if we're talking indulgence, an oversized one that leans against the wall rather than being hung has a serious wow factor and scores highly on the style charts. This is more of a larger luxury in terms of size we admit, but little by way of effort. Its impact is effortless and instant.

Our pick: Buckingham.

Jars and baskets

Look around your bedroom and consider whether anything left out can be stored somewhere nicer. Cotton buds have never looked prettier than when they're hidden inside a glass jar with a delicate lid. While spare cushions or slippers are much more content inside a willow basket.

Our pick: Belmont and Ashcroft.