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All hail:

the loose cover

This season we introduced our very first loose cover design – the Long Island. Named so because of its contemporary silhouette, easygoing nature and grown-up coastal look, when it came to upholstery, loose covers just felt right.

Here's why we love them.

Relaxed with a capital R

Free-flowing and just the right amount of floaty, loose covers are all about laidback living. They make a setting feel instantly at ease.

Done properly though, the loose cover has to work hard to maintain its carefree persona. Despite appearing effortless, the tailoring that's gone on behind the scenes is deceptively intricate. It's a made-to-measure approach. A bit like when you see a friend whose thrown-together appearance and bundled-up hairstyle look perfectly imperfect but probably took several outfit changes, numerous restyles and a mountain of bobby pins to hold it all in place. But no-one would ever know. That's its secret.

One sofa. Two looks.

This is perhaps the best thing about removable covers – the fact that they're exactly that, removable. Most of us find that we're rarely drawn to just one fabric. We love the feel of that one, the colour of this one, and the print on another. But we're forced to choose. Sometimes that's ok, we need to be decisive, but it's also rather lovely to have that choice and to be able to say "actually, I'll go for all three". Replaceable covers mean you can pick the sofa design (or armchair) that you love, but a plethora of different fabrics to go with it, changing the look as and when you please, be it in line with the seasons, trends, an occasion or even just on a whim.

Find your fabric

Not just any textile can become a loose cover; it's a very select group. Some fabrics can suffocate the design so they need to be ones that give it room to breathe. Wool just doesn't look right, almost as though it's out of its comfort zone. Velvet is the same and as it ages could risk being a little too 'shaggy dog'. Linens though, they were made to be loose.

Heavyweight linen

Our most elegant linen but it still has a casual air. It's not so tightly tailored and has lots of texture to it.

Best for: understated elegance.

Lightweight linen

A more European look that carries with it a great degree of informality.

Best for: an everyday, summery feel.

Printed linen

Fresh and particularly lovely in paler tones. Printed linen on a loose cover gives the pattern much more freedom and movement. It's a look that's quite alive.

Best for: making a serious statement.

Washed linen

Absolutely lovely. The fabric has a natural character as it's been traditionally stonewashed so is abundant in texture. It's probably our most casual of linens.

Best for: occasional use or quieter homes due to its low rub count.

Design tip

Why not consider using two grand armchairs instead of a second sofa? They work really well in pairs and just feel a little fun.

Care advice

All of our linens need to be hot water extracted by a professional cleaner, so don't be tempted to wash them at home or they'll lose their beauty.