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Blush pink

Blush pink is popping up everywhere we turn. The powder-soft shade so often considered synonymous with femininity is beginning to show its true colours. It’s no wallflower (although a beautiful wallflower it does make); pale pink has a voice that wants to be heard.

2016 marked the first year that Pantone, the colour experts, chose two shades to carry its ‘colour of the year’ emblem: rose quartz and serenity. They talk of rose quartz as a soothing symbol for wellness, peace, compassion and composure. They talk of it as a pairing for cooler tones and pastel partners. All true. You see a pale pink backdrop in a room and calmness washes over you, dusky pink skies as night-time tiptoes in has the same effect. But there’s more to pink than that.

Enter Fashion Week, New York in particular. Completely unexpected, designers like Ulla Johnson and Marissa Webb made us gasp (and then applaud) at pastel pink and marigold yellow ensembles. Of course Pantone had seen this coming, prophesying a colourful clash of the titans. Red on pink, green on pink, and the pinkest of pinks, on pink. You heard us.

Whichever way you look at it, blush pink is causing quite a stir. It’s become a new form of neutral to be used as a block colour (think Cate Blanchett at this year’s Golden Globes or read Vogue’s pink paintwork article from summer last year). It’s been translated as a metallic that’s spread like wildfire (rose gold started with jewellery and is now just as coveted as copper and brass in the land of interiors). It’s adored by beauty editors far and wide with delicate pink eyeshadow and nails touted as being the prettiest makeup trend at the Grammys. And now it’s been translated into autumn/winter closets with the seal of approval from the fash pack. More than one to watch, barely-there pink is happening right now.
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