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Christmas gifting by Neptune

Our perfect Christmas stocking is one that's filled with lots of little luxuries, some just for us to savour all to ourselves, but some for our homes that we can enjoy with family and guests for many years to come. So whether you're looking for a gift for a budding cook or something slightly indulgent for someone special, there will be more than a thing or two to help with your search in our Neptune Christmas gift guide.

For tea lovers

A teacup and saucer is such a joy to drink from. They're a simple gift that's easy to wrap and will give a little lift to your everyday.

Our pick: the Fenton.

This is our most special teacup making it perfect for a Christmas gift. It's made from fine bone China with a pretty platinum banding and brings a touch of refinement to every cup of steaming tea. Or if you know more coffee people than tea, it also comes as an espresso cup and saucer. (You can buy them as a set of six online, or if you’d rather buy them singularly, you can do so in any of our stores. Just call ahead to check they have them in stock first).

For soothing souls

Candles are always on our Christmas list. Pillar, tea light, scented, we love them all because no matter how often you light a candle, it will always create calmness and a pocket of peace. We like to have them in every room of the home, particularly in the bathroom.

Our pick: the Bronte three-wick candle.

A scented candle is our favourite of them all and a three-wick is a real luxury. Verveine is a good choice of scent for people who prefer lighter, floral yet citrusy notes, while Amber is a bit deeper, bolder and ever so slightly musky.

For party people

We all have friends and family members who love nothing more than to host supper soirées, impromptu get-togethers and parties to celebrate absolutely anything. And with the rise of the bar trolley (see our Manhattan one from the autumn/winter collection), cocktail pieces have become the new staple for our drinks collections.

Our pick: the Mayfair drinks collection.

Whether you splurge and buy somebody the whole collection (which encompasses low- and high-ball glasses, martini glasses, a cocktail shaker and decanter) or you pick just one or two of the more novel pieces, they're sure to be used on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and beyond.

For bed worshippers

If you know a certain someone who loves to lie in at the weekend, or perhaps someone who deserves to lie in but never quite gets to enjoy it properly, getting a gift that will make every moment in their dreamy beds count can be a very kind gesture indeed.

Our pick: the Corinium tray.

Not only can this elegant tray be used to serve drinks and nibbles, it’s the perfect piece that allows them to enjoy breakfast in bed – every now and then at least, but ideally every Sunday morning. Or go one step further and treat them to some Egyptian cotton bed linen like our 500-thread count Harriet or Sophie.

For those who feel the cold

Have you ever noticed how some people are always cold? The heating can be on, the fire can be roaring but they'll still be sporting several layers, and their fingertips are always on the chilly side. A gift like a luxurious throw or blanket that says cosseting warmth will certainly be well-received by them, or by perhaps an elderly relative who likes to stay wrapped up and snug.

Our pick: the Cotswold herringbone throw.

Made in Britain from pure new wool, this ever-so elegant throw is stitched using two complementary yarn colours in soft grey and muted cream with fringed edges. It looks as good over a sofa as it feels draped around your shoulders.

For the truest of home birds

One of the things that we hear so many people long for in the homes is the humble armchair. And by this, we don't mean an armchair to be used as an extra, necessary seat in the living room, but the supplementary kind that we might not use all that often, but we get such comfort knowing it's there. The bedroom armchair, the corner-of-a-study armchair, the armchair that's set somewhere separate in the home that you can use as a little bolthole to escape to with a blanket, a book, and some well-deserved 'me time'. It's a bit of a large gift, and one that's not exactly going to be gift-wrapped, but it's the loveliest thing to give to a partner or a cherished (and very lucky) friend, because it's extravagant, unexpected, and shows them just how well you know them.

Our pick: The George armchair.

It's the perfect balance between old and new, and it's large enough to curl your legs up on. But if you're concerned about space, go for the smaller William armchair.

Many a gift more

This is just for starters. For more gift ideas from beautiful vases and life-like florals to kitchen essentials for budding cooks, we've created an easy-to-use Christmas gift collection page. Just click here and we'll take you straight to it.