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September is one of our favourite months. It’s often summer’s encore performance where we rejoice in surprise sunny spells and savour the last morsels of the season, but it also signifies the start of autumn. Whether you follow the meteorological season (where autumn begins on 1st September), the astronomical season (where it begins a little later on 22nd September), or if you’re simply guided by a ‘feeling’, September is the month when the leaves begin to change colour and when we begin to think about hibernation.

So before autumn properly descends, and winter not far behind it, we’ve drawn up our September bucket list. These are the things that we’ll be making sure we do before we say a final farewell to summer.

Care to join us?

Go for a picnic
If you haven’t had the time to do so yet, then now’s the time. If you have, then there’s definitely room for another. We suggest going ‘all out’ on this one. We’re talking beautiful blanket, wicker basket, and a delicious hamper full of your favourite things. As serious picnic fans, we love spending the afternoon before preparing some home-made pieces that are more wholesome than shop-bought versions, like sausage rolls and mini quiches; it makes it feel like even more of a special event and little ones will love to act as sous-chef. And don’t forget to pack some bubbles…

Find yourself a field
Rally friends, or family, or both and head to a nearby open space to enjoy a big game of rounders, cricket, Frisbee or even just tag. It’s something a lot of us don’t do enough, but when you’re on a walk and spot another group doing it, don’t you feel a little pang of envy and think to yourself “what a lovely thing to do”? We certainly do. It’s also a potential picnic spot so you could kill two birds with one stone. If the weather is on your side, late afternoon is a great time to do this, when the sun isn’t quite so strong and you can frolic until it starts to set.

Read outdoors
Again, you’re going to need a field or park for this. One of our greatest summer pleasures is to take a book and head to a peaceful spot to do nothing but lie down and read until you’ve decide you’ve had enough, nobody else.

And walk at night
For us, spending time outdoors in the evenings is one of summer’s kindest gifts. We feel the need to do something every time we’re blessed with a beautiful summer’s evening. An evening stroll is not only a pleasure for that reason, but the atmosphere feels wonderful. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but something feels very different about a walk at dusk (or later even) than one in the morning. There’s a calmness, the light falls beautifully, rabbits come out to play, and we feel less of a sense to rush because the day’s chores have been and gone, all that awaits us is bedtime. And what lovelier lullaby could we ask for?

Make a rope swing
A bit like the above, this is something that always brings back memories of our childhood. And what fun the rope swing was. If you have a sturdy tree in your garden, why not do it there? Otherwise head on a walk with rope and thick branch in hand and find your perfect spot. Then make memories. (For safety tips, take a look at this website, and never take any risks when making your own rope swing).

Appreciate your washing line
Bear with us on this one. We appreciate on first read it may sound dull, but when the drizzle sets in for weeks on end, you’ll look back at your washing line and realise you took it for granted. You’ll quietly curse your clothes maiden.
Drying your washing in the fresh air for us is a pleasure, so make the most of it before it’s trapped indoors until spring. (Psst… have you seen our new laundry collection though? It’s the one thing that will get us through.)

Let’s end things on what we feel is an obvious one, but a pivotal one. As Brits, we love to barbecue. It’s part of our DNA. So before it’s too late, find a weekday evening, a spare Saturday or Sunday (or all three…) and marinade, skewer, and sizzle. Just like the picnic, this should be a momentous occasion so you can end the season on a high. And you know what that means? Potato salad AND coleslaw.

Now go have fun.

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