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Simple. Sweet. Valentine

Valentine's Day is one of those dates that divides opinion. Some people celebrate it with romantic gestures, with gifts or with a special supper. Others acknowledge it more discreetly with a thoughtful card and nothing more. But there are some who choose to ignore it altogether.

At Neptune, we fall in the middle. We hear and we appreciate the view that there shouldn't be one day that's marked as being a day of love and that it's become over commercialised. But we also quite like the idea of joining in the fun and having a day that's there as a celebration of love. Just as birthdays are a celebration of the day that we were born. Call us hopeless romantics.

As ever, we like to keep it understated, elegant, full of thought and along the lines of less is more. It's the unexpected and out of the ordinary that makes things feel that bit more special too. It might be that you arrange to go on a favourite walk together after work, torches in hand, arm in arm, instead of the usual post-work routine. Or you could go down the route of breakfast in bed, nipping out early to get a coffee from your loved one's favourite place, and serving something a little decadent. Breakfast in bed is always a lovely thing, but on a weekday morning, it becomes all the more sacred. Then there's the idea of half a dozen hand-written love notes that you can hide beneath their pillow, in coat pockets, and in their purse or wallet.

But one of our favourite things to do is to head to the kitchen to cook, or bake, them something that they'll love in a one-portion-sized pot so they know that it's just for them. This year, we'll be making a scrumptious chocolate brownie (see our Easter brownie recipe). And for extra romance, we'll be presenting it in a Le Creuset heart-shaped ramekin. You can cook it inside the ramekin, just make sure you do it at a lower heat so that it bakes all the way through.

What's more, it's perfect for last minute people who are a little stuck for ideas, and it's the loveliest thing to present to a cherished friend, beloved partner or even as a token of love for your dearest family member.

Happy Valentine's Day.