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Kitchen storage

When the New Year arrives our first impulse is to get certain aspects of our lives ‘in order’. It’s like the ultimate New Year’s resolution. We pledge to ourselves that we’re going to reinvent our wardrobes or that we’re going to adopt a clean eating regime. Or both.

The one area of our lives that’s always involved though is our homes. Spring cleaning is just too far away we tell ourselves; we need to act now, to have a clear-out, to reorganise our cupboards, to create a filing system, to rearrange furniture. The start of a New Year ignites a carnal need to feel in control, together and utterly organised. And what better place to start than with our kitchens?

Whether you’re designing a whole new kitchen or simply reworking certain aspects, kitchen storage sounds like an obvious thing to consider. Yet it’s often underestimated. Our brains seem to be conditioned into thinking base and wall cabinets are all we need. But we beg to differ. It’s time to talk storage saviours, ones that every kitchen deserves.

storage saviours

Henley and Limehouse drawer details.

Be drawn to drawers

We love drawers in a kitchen so much so that one of our kitchen collections began life as an all-drawer concept (the Henley). Drawers make life easy. They stop things from lurking at the back of a cabinet that you might otherwise have never seen again. Drawers make the contents easy to see, easy to access, and easy to remember what you put inside in the first place. If you have the space, a wide-stretching drawer cabinet always looks striking, with the lowermost drawer being the perfect place for storing pans.

The larder store

A larder is up there with the kitchen island for being at the top of people’s kitchen wishlists. They hark back to times gone by so there’s a lovely nostalgia to them, and they’re cavernous when it comes to storage. A full-height, double-doored larder is the ultimate (take a look at our Limehouse and Suffolk larders), offering shelf upon shelf of storage space, racks on the inside of the doors, and then drawers beneath. But if your kitchen is on the smaller side, a miniature larder section can be created by using a countertop cabinet, or a shelving section in a narrow, unused spot using shelves like Pembroke.

Suffolk shelf with peg hooks.

Shelf life

On the subject of shelves, a single shelf above a sink or cooker can become a very handy space indeed. Use it to hang mugs and jugs with spare tea towels perched atop. Or to store all of your cooking essentials like rapeseed oil, a pepper mill and balsamic vinegar so they’re always close to hand. If you opt for one with Shaker-style peg hooks beneath, it can also become a lovely way to dangle utensils or garlands of fresh herbs.

Chichester 5ft dresser hand-painted in Fog.

Chichester 6ft dresser hand-painted in Shingle.

The best dressed

Another option to the more typical kitchen cabinet is a dresser. By introducing an element of furniture it breaks things up so your overall aesthetic is far more interesting. And in terms of storage, a dresser is made for housing all of your finest crockery and cutlery, keeping them separate from the ones you use day in, day out. Alternatively, you can use a dresser to create a clear ‘station’ for breakfast or for drinks, transforming it into a makeshift bar with a display of intriguing spirits and glassware, all kept in one place but in a way that’s a little mesmerising.

From basket to jar

Storage can also be enjoyed in a much more scaled-down form. The word basket in a kitchen would have once only had the very retro connotation ‘fruit basket’. Now though, woven baskets are seen in all sorts of shapes and sizes from tabletop bread baskets to simple rectangular vessels that are perfect for using within cabinets so that like-things are grouped together.

Then there are jars. Pasta and grains, muesli and granola, nuts and seeds – these are all staple ingredients that look so much nicer when they’re stored within a pretty glass jar. If you’ve incorporated shelf space into your kitchen, store them there in a line, but try not to go over four in a row or It can begin to look too heavy.

The best kitchens are those that don’t just look good, but they behave brilliantly too.

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