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A little something for you and your garden

From 23rd March 2019 until 7th May 2019, we’ll give you a £50/€50 voucher for every £500/€500 you spend on our garden collection. So, if you spend £1,000/€1,000, we’ll give you £100/€100 in vouchers, and so on.

Some other things you’ll need to know...

The main thing to note is that £500/€500 must be spent on pieces from our garden collections (including parasols and planters, as well as tables and chairs), and can’t include designs for any other part of the home.

Other than that, there are just a handful more points to bear in mind:

  • We can only apply the promotion to new orders.
  • You can’t use this promotion alongside any other offers.
  • The promotion is only available in our participating stores (see the full list below) and online at neptune.com, and can’t be used in The Neptune Outlet.
  • The promoter is Neptune (Europe) Ltd.

Using your vouchers

We’ll post your voucher to you within 14 days of when receive your products. You’ll be able to use it in any of our participating stores or online at neptune.com, just as long as you do so within three months of its issue date (which you can find printed on the voucher).

Should you change your mind about the pieces you bought from our garden collection, that’s not a problem. Just follow our normal returns process, and we’ll sort out the vouchers:

  • If you haven’t received your vouchers yet, we’ll just cancel them.
  • If you’ve received your vouchers but not spent them, then we’ll deactivate them.
  • If you’ve already spent your vouchers, we’ll refund you for the returned pieces, but take off the cost of the vouchers.