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Our commitment to keeping our teams safe

We understand in these uncertain times we’re all concerned for the wellbeing of our family, friends and colleagues. The government have advised we’re able to keep delivering, with the necessary precautions in place to keep our teams well.

In order to do this, we’re ensuring:

  • our distribution team work with plenty of space between them. They have moved from their desks to the open plan of the main office, which is now empty, to ensure they’re working at a sufficient distance from one another
  • the customisation, refurbishment and bespoke teams are working with at least a 2.5 metre space between them at all times
  • that those responsible for loading vehicles are doing so one at a time, having changed timings to ensure only two people are working at any one time
  • our drivers are working with the same mate everyday, keeping themselves protected with antibacterial wipes for van cabs and gloves, and ensuring a full clean is done between customer homes
  • our deliveries are fully contactless – there will be no build or unpacking provided to customers at this time (of course, if you’d like to delay your order until we can build your furniture for you, just get in touch), as we won’t be entering any homes
  • our drivers are currently only able to deliver and build garden furniture to empty gardens, that do not require them passing through your home.
  • and of course, soap and antibacterial gel is available at any opportunity for teams.

Should you have any questions on anything listed here, or any of the practises we’re carrying out, please do get in touch.


What does this mean for your order?

Whilst we’re fortunate to be able to keep delivering, following the above guidelines, there might be a short delay to your order. Of course, we’re doing all we can to minimise this and make sure we communicate with you throughout.