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d'adorer nos canapés et fauteuils

Il nous a fallu plus d'une année pour créer notre collection de sièges. Nos fondateurs, John et Giles, ont pris un scie et dépecé un siège type pour en comprendre le confort, les proportions, la solidité et le style jusqu’à ce qu’ils trouvent l'équilibre parfait.

Par amour du bois

Le cadre

Every Neptune design reveals our obsession with timber. We made a pledge to never use cardboard, MDF or chipboard and it’s a promise that we stand by to this day.

For upholstered pieces, we mainly use tulip – a hardwood sourced from sustainable forests – and any exposed wood is solid oak. Our mind-set centres not only around quality, but durability too. The timber is strong by nature, but our rigorous product testing ensures any sofa, armchair or footstool’s frame will survive life’s most extreme challenges. Namely, multiple toddlers jumping up and down, all at the same time, repeatedly.

Carefully crafted

The fabrics

Our fabric library currently holds more than 30 beautiful textiles. We work with wool, linen, cotton and velvet, playing with weights and texture, being brave with colour and honouring more muted palettes.

We’re confident in saying that we house the perfect textile for every home. If you need advice, our home specialists know the individual personalities of each fabric and can introduce you so you’re able to make an informed choice.

Une construction pas comme les autres

Le savoir-faire

Feathers were a must. We knew we wanted the ‘squish’; the padded, sink-into feel that only feathers can bring, but it wasn’t as straightforward as we thought. We tried pure feather, high density and low, but it was too soft, too lumpy and wouldn’t hold its shape. Other combinations meant the luxury was lost or the sit was too stiff. So we built a pocketed system to keep the fillings contained and filled them with a mix of the softest duck feathers and fibre balls underpinned by foam cushioning to add just the right amount of support. No lumps, no bumps, but definitely plump.

No ordinary construction

The craftsmanship

We thought you’d like to take a closer look of the frame before we cover it up – it’s something we’re proud of. Our expert team of craftsmen obsess over every last detail, from the mortise and tenon joins that provide maximum strength, cut precisely to minimise flex, to the woven webbing system that gives strength and shape to the back and armrests.

Fairly priced

The value

Affordable luxury can mean different things to different people. To us it incorporates all the things that matter to us most: unwavering quality, timeless style, a blend of modern and traditional craftsmanship, and the finest materials. We strive to offer all of the above at a price point that’s fair to both us and you.

Many places seek a compromise to make their prices even more attractive, choosing mango wood, painted MDF and synthetic textiles. That was a path that didn’t feel true to us. We wanted oak, and we wanted wool.

We have a lean production model and we do everything ourselves. We design all our pieces, we construct our own frames, we build our own workshops. It means our resources don’t fail so we can produce more, faster and easier. And we pass those savings onto you.

A sense of pride

The feeling