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BarlowHalf Beehive Knob €14
H:26mm W:26mm D:40mm
ChichesterMushroom Chrome Knob Reflective chrome for a modern twist Looks beautiful with the painted Chichester Elegant proportion and size €11
H:31mm W:32mm D:32mm
CullumTwist Knob €52
H:5,5cm W:5cm D:3,3cm
HenleyAntique Bronze Knob Traditional Antique Bronze finish Elegant, versatile size Looks stunning with our Henley collection
H:17mm W:26mm D:25mm
SuffolkSeasoned Oak Knob Versatile & traditional style Perfect paired with our Suffolk Kitchen Protected with our Isoguard Oil €10
H:28mm W:36mm D:36mm
BrittenSuffolk Chrome Button Knob Pared back, simple design Sleek modern detailing Looks perfect with our Suffolk collection €10
H:22mm W:30mm D:30mm