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Larsson Wardrobe

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A closer look at Larsson

La penderie Larsson trouve son équilibre entre les peintures sophistiquées et les délicates sculptures réalisées à la main d'un côté, et la corniche à la fois simple et élégante associée aux détails épurés du tiroir et de la porte. Les poignées noires en laiton sont inspirées d'une antiquité et savent parfaitement contrebalancent les pieds fuselés et élancés. Chaque armoire présente une penderie ajustable et un tiroir inférieur avec un système coulissant d'une grande fluidité.


This wardrobe was designed with adaptability in mind, because no two people’s storage needs are the same. So, the hanging rail and two shelves inside can all be adjusted (we like to place one shelf above the rail for storing less-used items), and there’s a generously sized drawer beneath.

Design detail

Despite all this storage, Larsson’s proportions are delicate, from its tapered legs to its cornice. It’s also full of little details – like load-bearing and attractive zig-zag shelving supports, and a drawer that opens fully and closes softly – that elevate it.

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  • Width104cm
  • Depth61cm
  • Height203.50cm

Just so you know

The colours in our paint palette shown here are a close representation of their true shades, but to see the real thing, we suggest trying our sample paint pots.

Our Larsson pieces come with Antique Brass handles (a dark, almost black, brass colour) that are decorated with a floral motif.

This piece is made from natural timber, which will expand (slightly) and shrink (just a little) as it responds to the humidity and temperature in your room. We’ve used joinery techniques that’ll help to counteract this, but small changes in your piece are completely natural and to be expected. Just know that, in the very unlikely event that there’s a significant change to the structure, we’ll be here to help.

Taking care

We’ve put together this guide on taking care of your furniture so that it stays looking as beautiful as the day you first brought it home.

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