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Bordeaux 6 Seater Table

A closer look at Bordeaux

Taillées dans de larges sections de bois solide, nos superbes tables affichent toute l'élégance et la longévité de ce bois magnifique. Avec le souci de préserver la versatilité et le style qui ont fait le succès de nos tables rectangulaires, nous avons introduit une nouvelle table ronde de 150 cm absolument magnifique. Durables, solides et élégantes : elles constituent la pièce maîtresse idéale pour n'importe quel jardin.

Materials & finish

Teak is perfectly suited to life outdoors because of its naturally-occurring oils, which act as a preservative. We’ve still treated it with our exterior IsoGuard® oil though, for added protection and to temper the initial honey-brown colour. Over time, it’ll take on a silvered patina.

In the making

Each of our garden tables is made using proper joinery techniques. These help to counteract timber’s natural tendency to expand (slightly) and shrink (just a little) as it adjusts to changes in temperature and humidity. The gaps in the tabletop are one example, and also allow water to run off.

Design detail

Bordeaux may appear simple, but every aspect has been carefully considered. For instance, the diagonal supports don’t quite meet in the middle, so they’re not in the way of your legs. The same goes for the chamfered feet. And there’s a teak cap that fits into the tabletop in case you don’t want to use a parasol.

Shape and size

Circular tables blend with the absence of straight lines in the garden, as opposed to contrasting as rectangular tables do. They also encourage easy conversation because you can see everyone comfortably. Bordeaux will fit six people around it, even if you’re using generously-sized armchairs. (

Will it fit?
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  • Diameter150cm
  • Height73cm
  • Leaves stored within tableNo

Taking care of your furniture

We’ve put together a series of guides on how best to take care of our pieces, so you can keep them looking as good as the day you first brought them home.

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