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Monaco 6 Seater Table

A closer look at Monaco

Notre gamme de tables Monaco est éhontément glamour. Nos superbes plateaux de table en granit trempé ont une allure profondément romaine et reposent sur des supports aux courbes extravagantes. Les cadres sont entièrement galvanisés et présentent une finition par poudrage qui les rend absolument parfaits pour subir le climat britannique.

Materials: metal

Galvanised and powder coated, Monaco’s steel will happily withstand wind, rain and shine (it’s also hardwearing enough that you can sit with your feet resting on its bars and not worry about scratches). These processes also leave it with a matte, dark grey finish that’s a softer alternative to the classic black.

Materials: stone

Granite is an incredibly tough natural stone. It has tiny pits in its surface and you might also spot ribbons of colour running through it (in dappled shades of black, white and grey). But all these things are to be expected and, we think, rather beautiful. In Monaco, its finish is matte and ever-so-slightly waxy

Design detail

There’s a subtly decorative edge to the tabletop – a curved top, with a straight edge beneath – that’s not in any way fussy, but is in-keeping with the curves of the frame. It also prevents the edge from looking too chunky, so the granite doesn’t overpower.

Shape and size

Rectangular tables are lovely for creating an element of contrast in your garden, where straight, crisp lines are rare (Monaco has the best of both contrast and likeness). This design will fit six people around it, even if they’re seated on generously-sized armchairs.

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  • Length170cm
  • Width95cm
  • Height72cm

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