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Under Table Parasol Lock

This unassuming design is actually very important... Read more

A closer look at Neptune

This unassuming design is actually very important. Discreetly hidden away underneath the tabletop, it’s designed for pairing with timber garden tables to ensure that, if it’s knocked, your parasol is held securely. Together with a parasol stand, it’s an essential. And if you’ve bought a timber table from us, there’ll already be one fitted.

The material

This parasol lock’s made of steel because it’s incredibly strong, and has a low-sheen, black powder-coated finish to protect it from the elements. This means that it’s unlikely to rust or tarnish.

How to use

You’ll need to screw the lock underneath the table, in line with the parasol hole (we include the appropriate screws). Then, slip your parasol through to the base below. Finally, tighten the parasol in place using the levers on both the lock and base.  

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  • Height10.50cm
  • Width9cm
  • Weight0.37kg

Care guide

You won’t need to do much to look after your parasol lock, as it’ll be protected by the tabletop. If you do clean it though, it’s best to avoid abrasive cleaners that might damage the coating.

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