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Wycombe chaise de séjour

Un objet de patrimoine Cette chaise de séjour Wycombe emprunte à la fois au mobilier danois du milieu du siècle et à l’Arts & Crafts britannique... Lire la suite

A closer look at Wycombe

Un objet de patrimoine Cette chaise de séjour Wycombe emprunte à la fois au mobilier danois du milieu du siècle et à l’Arts & Crafts britannique. Au chêne est associé le jonc pour l’assise cannée, d’une teinte un peu plus claire que les versions d’autrefois.

Wycombe’s design story

From ladder-backed and practical Shaker chairs to the rush-seated designs of the Arts & Crafts movement (and Morris & Co.’s famous Sussex chair), Wycombe has quite a tale to tell. You can read all about it over on our journal.


Meet the family

As well as this dining chair, there’s also a bench, a stool and a folding dining chair in our Wycombe collection, making it one of our most versatile designs. We think it’s particularly perfect for pairing with an extending dining table, whether you choose to use the stools or the folding chairs as extra seats.

Considered comfort

Wycombe might have a very neat and upright profile, but the stretcher – the horizontal piece at the top of the backrest – is curved, which means it hugs comfortably around your shoulders. And, as well as adding natural texture, the rush seat is also slightly springy – ideal if you find wooden seats just a little too firm.

The materials: oak

Oak’s sense of tradition together with its distinctive (but not too knotty) grain make it our go-to timber. Naturally durable when it comes to knocks, we’ve further protected the oak from spills with IsoGuard® – our oil-based formula that doesn’t mask the timber’s character. You can find out more about that here.

The materials: rush

Natural rush comes from freshwater bulrushes and has been used for furniture making for centuries. It has a variable colour that’s often green to begin with, whereas Wycombe’s seat, woven from a paper made with rush, is a more even pale cream colour. It’s also much stronger.

Est-ce que ça va?
Est-ce que ça va? Consultez notre guide
  • Width :42cm
  • Depth :51cm
  • Height :85.50cm
  • Weight :6.30kg
  • Seat width :46.30cm
  • Seat depth :41.40cm
  • Seat height :47.30cm
  • Back rest height :41.60cm

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