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Chawton Contemporary Double Dresser - Snow

Changer de couleur

A closer look at Chawton

Part of our Chawton cabinetry collection, this dresser is designed so you can add to it or take pieces away now or later down the line. It gives you the personalisation of a bespoke piece, the look of fitted cabinetry, and the flexibility of freestanding modular storage.

Why this dresser?

There are lots of ways you can arrange Chawton, but this setup’s designed with a more contemporary look in mind. Its even arrangement of top cabinets (as opposed to the classic dresser’s setup) gives it an orderly, grid-like style that’s in-keeping with modern architecture.

Made-for-you design

Choose to span wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, opt for glazed shelving or open and drawers or doors, create a dresser for a low-beamed cottage or a bookcase for a sloping-ceilinged barn – with Chawton, the choice is entirely yours.


Chawton’s made from tulipwood and oak: two timbers you can depend upon for years to come. They’re both strong, they’re both natural, and they’re both excellent at what they do – tulipwood with its fine, even grain for painting, and oak with its characterful (but not too knotty) grain for leaving on show.

The finish: tulipwood

Not every piece of furniture and every colour of paint needs the same process – a ‘one finish suits all’ approach won’t ever give you the best result possible. That’s why we vary the number of coats and use both hand-painted and spray-painted techniques depending on what that shade needs.

The finish: oak

Whichever colour you choose for the exterior, inside will always be unpainted oak. We’ve brushed, buffed and stained it to give it a slightly darkened and textured finish. And we’ve protected it with our IsoGuard® oil to help it stand up to scuffs and stains – without changing the natural feel of the timber.

In detail: handles & hardware

All Chawton’s hardware – from the porthole-like handles to the sliding door rails – is finished in deep, dark Bronze. Just the thing to go with the contemporary cabinet style, it’ll create a strong contrast against Snow and a tone-on-tone look with Ink.

In detail: the shelves

The oak shelves rest on pins that let you adjust their position up and down. No ordinary pins though, they’re incredibly strong metal ones, which screw into the sides properly and are finished in bronze just the same as the rest of the hardware.

In detail: the drawers

Just like our kitchen cabinetry, Chawton’s drawers rest on soft-close runners. And, as with the shelves, we’ve considered every detail, like the fact that the runners sit underneath the drawer so, when you pull it out, you won’t be able to see them.

No-fuss assembly

Chawton’s designed so that you can easily put it together yourself – because it’s freestanding, you don’t need a professional to install it. It means that, even though our delivery team will assemble it for you when it arrives, if you want to move it, add sections or take pieces away in the future, you absolutely can.

Perfect partners

If you want to turn your dresser into your very-own wine cellar-style storage, we’ve created cross-shaped shelves designed to hold your bottles in place. Like Chawton’s interior, they’re made from oak. And you can add as many or as few of them as you like – they’ll fit into any of the glazed or open top cabinets.

As something more

Choose to span wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, create kitchen shelving for a low-beamed cottage or a bookcase for a sloping-ceilinged barn – with Chawton, the choice is entirely yours. Just pop into one of our stores to get started, or browse the whole collection online here.

Est-ce que ça va?
Est-ce que ça va? Consultez notre guide
  • Width :180cm
  • Depth :46cm
  • Height :223cm
  • Weight :306kg
  • Shelves :2 base cabinet shelves and 8 top cabinet shelves - all adjustable
  • Door Opening :Base cabinet W39cm x H57cm and upper cabinet W39cm x H65cm
  • Storage Space :Base cabinet W42cm x D40cm x H58cm and upper cabinet W42cm x D31cm x H65cm
  • Drawer Size :W37cm x H10cm x D38cm

À savoir

Deux finitions sont proposées pour le plateau de cet élément : un plateau plein si vous décidez de ne pas ajouter d’autres modules dessus (que vous trouverez ici), et un second, percé de trous, afin de pouvoir y fixer des éléments hauts (disponible ici). 

Les modules Chawton peuvent également être fixés au mur, ce que nous vous recommandons vivement de faire si la hauteur totale dépasse 190 cm. Nous pouvons le faire pour vous, si vous voulez – rendez-vous simplement en magasin pour voir avec notre service d’installation. 

Vous trouverez également des pieds ajustables cachés derrière la plinthe. Ils sont là au cas où votre sol ne serait pas parfaitement plan.  

Sachez par ailleurs que le bois naturel a tendance à bouger. Sous l’effet de la chaleur ou de l’humidité, il peut se dilater et se contracter. Alors, afin d’en limiter le jeu, nous utilisons des techniques de menuiserie spéciales. C’est pourquoi, même si vous observez de légers changements dans le bois au fil des saisons, ce dernier n’évoluera pas de façon extrême.  

Enfin, si nous veillons à ce que les couleurs représentées soient aussi fidèles que possible, il est toujours prudent d’essayer un échantillon avant de vous lancer.

Taking care of Chawton

The timber in this design is finished with IsoGuard® – our innovative protective formula that helps to stop spills from leaving a stain. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to care for a design that’s treated with IsoGuard®, but we have created a few products that can help. You’ll find all these here.

You want: easy-to-care-for pieces that you don’t need to tiptoe around. We’ve got: easy-to-read-through care guides that give you just that.

Right this way

Nous prenons très au sérieux notre service de livraison. Le transport Neptune, les collaborateurs Neptune, le service Neptune.

Notre service haut de gamme signifie qu’une équipe de deux livreurs est à votre disposition. Vous n'aurez pas à porter d’objets lourds. Ils seront déposés et montés pour vous là où vous le souhaitez, et les emballages seront emportés pour être recyclés.

No-quibble returns

We believe that returns should be easy, which is why we approach them with a ‘no quibble’ mindset.  And, you’ll also have 28 days to do so – just in case you need time to mull things over. 

When it comes to designs upholstered in a made-to-order fabric or painted in a bespoke colour, there’s also a 20% returns/cancellation fee. We’d love to not have to charge a penny for this, but as they’re made just for you, we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be able to sell them again.

If you’ve bought something from us outside the UK or Ireland, just get in touch with the store you bought it from – or with our international team if you bought it through them – and they’ll let you know how you can return or exchange it.

And talk to our international team on +44 (0)1793 427 427 or at [email protected]

These terms don’t affect your statutory rights. For our full terms and conditions, please click here.

For our full returns policy, please click here.

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