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Chichester Grand Wardrobe

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A closer look at Chichester

This larger version of our Chichester wardrobe is classically English in style and suits country cottages as much as it does modern townhouses that want a touch of tradition in their bedroom’s interior. Or use it in a spacious hallway with an umbrella stand and coat rail to the side. Practicality wise, you’ll have shelf, drawer and hanging space – the best of all worlds.

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  • Width185.40cm
  • Depth65cm
  • Height218.30cm

Just so you know

The colours in our paint palette shown here are a close representation of their true shades, but to see the real thing, we suggest trying our sample paint pots.

This piece comes with both oak and chrome Chichester knobs, so you can choose whichever suits your room best.

We don’t include more than two shelves, otherwise you’d be paying for shelf space that you might prefer to take out. But if you do want to add more shelves, just get in touch with our care team.

Even if you put the oak rail at the highest peg on our zig-zag supports, extra-long pieces like gowns or floor-length coats might trail.

Taking care

We’ve put together this guide on taking care of your furniture so that it stays looking as beautiful as the day you first brought it home.

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