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Henley Side Round Table

A closer look at Henley

Sculptées dans notre chêne solide et élégant, nos tables d'appoint Henley sont conçues pour ajouter une touche élégante et s'adapter à tous les environnements. Entre la console idéale et une merveilleuse de table basse ou un splendide guéridon, nous avons créé une gamme qui offre des solutions de rangement flexibles, un espace supplémentaire pour exposer vos bibelots et de très belles surfaces pour disposer vos livre, lampes ou photos favoris.


We use oak because of its beautiful grain, its durability and its sense of heritage (we’ve written more on it here). Part of its character are its knots and variations in tone, so each piece will have its own hand-writing.


Henley gets its smooth, low-sheen finish from a couple of processes. First, our IsoGuard® treatment oil, which makes oak easier to live with without masking its texture. Then we apply a water-based top coat for additional protection. The result looks like the oak has been left completely natural.


There’s room on the tabletop for a lampstand, books, drinks and decorative pieces if you like. It’s tall too, suitable for beside the bed or even as a hallway table. But, being circular, it’s not as overpowering as a square table of its height might be, and could be paired happily with a smaller armchair.

Design detail

This table’s all about its beautiful joinery. Notably, the pedestal leg with its soft curve and carved details that highlight the patterns in the oak. But there’s also the crisp, flat-sided feet and tabletop, and the subtly decorative lip – also known as a ‘skirt’ – that sits underneath the latter.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Diameter60cm
  • Height60cm

Just so you know

This piece is made from natural timber, which will expand (slightly) and shrink (just a little) as it responds to the humidity and temperature in your room. We’ve used joinery techniques that’ll help to counteract this, but small changes in your piece are completely natural and to be expected. Just know that, in the very unlikely event that there’s a significant change to the structure, we’ll be here to help.

Taking care of Henley

We’ve put together this guide on taking care of your side table, so that it stays looking as beautiful as the day you first brought it home.

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