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Shoreditch Sofa, Large

Change sizeShoreditch Sofa, Large
Shoreditch Sofa, Small
Shoreditch Sofa, Large
Shoreditch Sofa & Chaise, Left
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Shoreditch L Shape Corner Sofa, Left
Shoreditch L Shape Corner Sofa, Right
Shoreditch Corner Sofa
Shoreditch Armchair
Change fabricHugo Pale Oat~Hugo Mustard
Agatha Navy~Imogen Brancaster Navy
Agatha Oyster Pink~Clara Warm White
Agatha Stone~Clara Warm White
Angus Flint
Angus Flint~Isla Otter
Angus Teal
Angus Teal~Isla Kingfisher
Anna Almond
Archie Aqua Grey
Archie Misty Grey
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Archie Night Sky
Clara Damson
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Clara Warm White
Elliot Granite
Elliot Granite~Isla Finch
Elliot Soft Teal
Elliot Soft Teal~Isla Kingfisher
Emma Teal
Ewan Dove~Hugo Pale Oat
Ewan Stone
Ewan Stone~Hugo Spelt
Finian Sage
Finian Sage~Isla Mallard
Gabriela Navy~Imogen Brancaster Navy
Gabriela Oyster Pink~Clara Warm White
Gabriela Stone~Clara Warm White
Hamish Clay~Isla Otter
Hector Clay~Isla Otter
Hector Fossil
Hector Fossil~Hugo Mustard
Hugo Buckwheat
Hugo Buckwheat~Isla Fox
Hugo Dark Rye
Hugo Dark Rye~Hugo Millet
Hugo Millet
Hugo Millet~Isla Otter
Hugo Mustard
Hugo Mustard~Isla Finch
Hugo Pale Oat
Hugo Pale Oat~Hugo Mustard
Hugo Spelt
Hugo Spelt~Hugo Pale Oat
Imogen Blakeney Blue
Imogen Brancaster Navy
Imogen Burnham Red
Imogen Holkham Sand
Imogen Oyster Pink
Isla Cranberry
Isla Cranberry~Elliot Granite
Isla Ermine
Isla Ermine~Hugo Pale Oat
Isla Finch
Isla Finch~Elliot Granite
Isla Fox
Isla Fox~Hugo Buckwheat
Isla Kingfisher
Isla Kingfisher~Elliot Soft Teal
Isla Mallard
Isla Mallard~Imogen Holkham Sand
Isla Otter
Isla Otter~Angus Flint
Lorne Teal
Lorne Teal~Isla Fox
Change legPale Oak
Dark Oak
Pale Oak

A closer look at Shoreditch

Shoreditch was made to bring contemporary comfort to small and spacious rooms alike. It’s an exceptionally neat sofa, making the most of the space, while its soft cushions and high arms create a cosy place to sit. And the opportunity to add contrast piping makes it just a little bit fun too.

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  • Width200cm
  • Depth87cm
  • Height75cm
  • Weight51kg
  • Seat height43cm
  • Arm height52cm
  • Seat width174cm
  • Seat depth50cm

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