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16 Folly Hill
01252 713 047
Just to let you know...

We have now taken the difficult decision to close our stores. Our primary aim is to protect the NHS closely followed by our communities.

In the last week we asked you what we could do to help during this challenging period. Your response was overwhelmingly to keep doing what we do best - to inspire, to delight and to serve in any and every way we can. To that end we are ensuring that our store teams remain available to you by phone, email and video call. We’ll be updating this page soon with information on how we can connect.

A warm welcome

Surrounded by extensive gardens and set just a stone’s throw from the historic landmarks, Farnham Castle and Waverly Abbey, Neptune Farnham is a beautiful conversion of The Wellington public house. It sits on leafy Folly Hill, with donkeys grazing in the fields nearby.  

In all of our stores we try to include as many of our designs as possible, but to give you a better idea of what you can find within the confines of Neptune Farnham, just keep scrolling…


Si vous ne souhaitez pas appeler, vous pouvez nous envoyer un message à l'aide du formulaire ci-contre. Vous pouvez également utiliser ce formulaire pour nous faire part de vos commentaires, bons ou mauvais. Nous serions ravis de savoir ce que vous pensez.

À savoir

Parking: we have our own dedicated customer car park with 12 sizeable spaces. And it goes without saying that it’s free to park.
Accès fauteuil roulant: Neptune Farnham is spread across two floors. We've paved from the parking area to the door, as well as creating an easily accessible side entrance that opens onto our Chichester kitchen. There are small stair sections on the lower floor, as well as stairs to the second floor though so access is limited. If there’s anything you would like to check with us before you visit, we’re just one call away.
Poussettes et tout-petits: we're very happy to keep a close eye on prams as well as keeping little ones entertained so that you can browse to your heart's content.
Compagnons à quatre pattes: well-behaved dogs are more than welcome too – we even have a jar of biscuits.