Our virtual doors are wide open. So, whether it’s a video consultation with a designer, a chat on the phone with one of our home specialists, or just a second opinion through email, if you’re decorating your home, our store teams are still here for you. Simply find your nearest Neptune and drop us a line.

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Forever furniture

We believe in making things properly. At Neptune, every design is carefully crafted using the finest materials, a balance of modern-day and traditional techniques, and with the promise that it’s been built to last. And by that we don’t just mean in terms of its foundations, but also in terms of its style. Timelessness is what we strive for, and trends are a concept that we try to transcend.

 From dining tables and sofas to beds and dressers, our furniture collection encompasses every room in the home. Some designs are classic country, others are quietly contemporary, but everything is created to work together, as though they were meant to be.

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