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Barrington mattress, king

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A closer look at Barrington

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep. But what makes the perfect mattress? Our new collection of medium and firm mattresses that are seriously supportive, cushioning and comfortable. They conform to your body, wick away the moisture to keep you cool or warm and only use the best sustainable, natural, recyclable materials.

In the making

Barrington’s made for us by a family-run company in Yorkshire that have been making mattresses since 1840. They produce a lot of the materials themselves on their 300-acre farm just a few miles from their workshop. The rest come from other local farmers or, when it comes to Egyptian cotton, the very-best international growers.

Pocket springs

Unlike open springs, each pocket spring sits inside its own fabric ‘pocket’. This means they can rise and fall individually to support your body and spread your weight evenly. Think cloud-like comfort – a phrase that’s often used with pocket springs, for good reason.

High-definition springs

These are essentially just very small, flatter versions of pocket springs. High-definition springs alone would be much too soft, but add them in around pocket springs that provide tension and strength, and you’ll have even more tailored support.

Natural Materials

As well as the springs, there are several layers of natural padding: wool and cotton for softness and springiness; and hemp and horsehair for strength and durability. Unlike synthetic materials, they’re all breathable, which means you’ll be cosy in winter but fresh in summer.

Quilted pockets

The little tufts, undulating surface and lines of neat stitching are all part of securing your mattress’ fillings in place, but they also make it look all the more inviting. They’re all stitched on by hand the traditional way.

Brass air vents

The natural fillings are all brilliant temperature regulators, but to give them that little extra help, we’ve added a few air vents to keep things breezy. You won’t see them when the sheet’s on, but we believe they should still look good too, so we’ve made them from brass.

Barrington’s the kind of mattress you can turn – the fillings are mirrored on both sides. And because doing so regularly means your mattress will last longer and wear better (stopping the fillings from compressing too much in one spot), we’ve added padded handles along the edges to make things that little bit easier.

Will it fit?
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  • Width150cm
  • Length200cm
  • Height27cm
  • Spring quantity6800

Just so you know

If you’re still feeling a little bit confused about which mattress out there is right for you, or you’d just like to know more, we’ve put together a guide to all things mattresses.

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When Barrington arrives, you might notice that it’s looking a little short. That’s often what happens when it’s wrapped up and transported, and it’ll soon relax back to its normal size.

Taking care of your Barrington Mattress

You’ll find a booklet on how to look after your mattress tucked into its packaging, but if you’ve mislaid yours, just get in touch with our customer care team and we’ll get another to you.

We take our delivery service seriously. Neptune transport, Neptune people, Neptune service.

Our white glove service means you’ll have a two-man delivery team. That means no heavy lifting on your part is needed. They’ll take it to your desired spot, assemble it for you and take away the packaging for recycling. The assembly service doesn't include fitted furniture.

For homes and customers outside of the UK and Ireland, our international team are here to help arrange shipping and delivery. Call us on +44 (0)1793 427 427 or e-mail  and together we’ll sort out the best method for you.

No-quibble returns

We believe that returns should be easy, that’s why we approach them with a ‘no quibble’ mindset. If you decide on the day that it’s not for you then our delivery team can take it away for you there and then, free of charge.

But if you’d rather mull things over, you have 28 days to make up your mind. We do charge a pick-up fee of £29.95 here though, because we’ll need to send our delivery team back out to your address for collection.

If you’ve bought something from us outside the UK or Ireland, just get in touch with the store you bought it from – or with our international team if you bought it through them – and they’ll let you know how you can return or exchange it.

You can find the store’s details online here.

And talk to our international team on +44 (0)1793 427 427 or at 

These terms don’t affect your statutory rights. For our full terms and conditions, please click here.

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