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Dining chairs & benches

SheldrakeDining Chair
from  £240
49 fabrics W:46cm, D:62cm, H:98cm
MowbrayDining Chair
from  £320
57 fabrics W:48cm, D:62.1cm, H:90cm
36 fabrics W:47cm, D:62cm, H:100cm
HenleyDining Chair
from  £365
48 fabrics W:58cm, D:68cm, H:94cm
ShoreditchDining Chair
from  £260
57 fabrics W:47cm, D:60.2cm, H:86cm
ShoreditchCarver Chair
from  £340
53 fabrics W:60cm, D:60.2cm, H:86cm
CalverstonDining Chair
from  £240
49 fabrics W:50cm, D:63cm, H:87cm
MillerDining Chair
from  £255
56 fabrics W:47cm, D:59cm, H:87cm
Lloyd Loom
28+ colours W:47cm, D:56cm, H:96cm
HavanaLloyd Loom Chair
from  £245
28+ colours W:46cm, D:59cm, H:94cm
28+ colours W:63cm, D:65cm, H:89cm
WardleyDining Chair
from  £270
28+ colours W:51cm, D:57cm, H:92.8cm
HarrogateDining Chair
from  £245
28+ colours W:48cm, D:58cm, H:96cm
SuffolkDining Chair
from  £235
28+ colours W:48cm, D:58cm, H:93cm
L:50cm, D:36cm, H:45cm
L:150cm, D:36cm, H:45cm
W:51cm, D:57cm, H:92.8cm
2 colours W:48cm, D:58cm, H:93cm
ArundelOak Bench
from  £435
3 sizes
Bar Stools
New WardleyPainted Bar Stool
from  £320
28+ colours H:102cm, W:47.8cm, D:51.5cm
H:102cm, W:47.8cm, D:51.5cm
MontagueBar Stool
from  £175
28+ colours H:70cm, W:38cm, D:35cm
New MontagueHigh Back Bar Stool
from  £255
28+ colours H:98cm, W:41cm, D:48cm
28+ colours H:103cm, W:44cm, D:49cm
H:103cm, W:44cm, D:49cm
New ShoreditchBar Stool
from  £260
58 fabrics H:70cm, W:40cm, D:36cm
58 fabrics H:99cm, W:42cm, D:50cm
Cushions & Covers
58 fabrics W:43.5cm, H:2.8cm, L:40cm
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