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Base Cabinets
Chichester140mm Tray & Chopping Block £455  
H:890mm W:140mm D:0
Chichester190mm Tray Rack £335  
H:890mm W:190mm D:0
Chichester275mm Pullout £565  
H:890mm W:275mm D:0
Chichester190mm Wine Rack £390  
H:890mm W:190mm D:0
Chichester600mm Adjustable False Panel £145  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Chichester600mm Integrated Appliance Fascia £195  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Chichester350mm 1 Door £575  
H:890mm W:350mm D:0
Chichester600mm 1 Door £710  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Chichester465mm Double Bin £785  
H:890mm W:465mm D:0
Chichester520mm Single Bin £810  
H:890mm W:520mm D:0
Chichester725mm Appliance Doors £235  
H:890mm W:725mm D:0
Chichester690mm Undercounter Oven £635  
H:890mm W:690mm D:0
Chichester450mm Seat Cabinet £460  
H:427mm W:450mm D:0
Chichester600mm Seat Cabinet £575  
H:427mm W:600mm D:0
Chichester400mm 3 Drawer £810  
H:890mm W:400mm D:0
Chichester550mm 4 Drawer £965  
H:890mm W:550mm D:0
Chichester600mm Pan Drawer £965  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Chichester900mm Pan Drawer £1,145  
H:890mm W:900mm D:0
Chichester500mm 1 Door 1 Drawer £785  
H:890mm W:500mm D:0
Chichester660mm Undermounted Sink Cabinet £870  
H:890mm W:660mm D:0
Chichester710mm Single Sink Cabinet £860  
H:890mm W:710mm D:0
Chichester920mm Double Sink Cabinet £915  
H:890mm W:920mm D:0
Chichester400mm Curved 1 Door £680  
H:890mm W:400mm D:0
Chichester830mm Corner Carousel £1,370  
H:890mm W:830mm D:0
Chichester985mm Blind Corner £935  
H:890mm W:985mm D:0
Chichester1155mm 2 Door £1,105  
H:890mm W:1155mm D:0
Chichester1120mm Square Island End Cabinet £915  
H:890mm W:1120mm D:0
Chichester1530mm Grand Chest of Drawers £1,765  
H:890mm W:1490mm D:0
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