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Chichester2500mm Cornice £120  
H:60mm W:85mm D:0
Chichester4000mm Cornice £168  
H:60mm W:85mm D:0
Chichester560mm Base Support Panel £115  
H:890mm W:42mm D:0
Chichester625mm Base End Panel £105  
H:890mm W:625mm D:0
Chichester2M Breakfast Bar End Panel £195  
H:890mm W:2000mm D:0
ChichesterBase Filler Panel £40  
H:890mm W:100mm D:0
ChichesterCountertop End Panel £115  
H:12mm W:520mm D:0
ChichesterFull Height End Panel £205  
H:2170mm W:700mm D:0
ChichesterFull Height Filler Panel £67  
H:2170mm W:100mm D:0
ChichesterTop Box End Panel £110  
H:342.5mm W:12mm D:0
ChichesterWall End Panel £0  
H:1060mm W:315mm D:0
Chichester1050 Plate Rack & End Panels Wall Cabinet £665  
H:650mm W:1050mm D:0
ChichesterDoor Mouldings Set (4x1m) £22  
H:13mm W:0 D:0
Chichester3000mm Kitchen Skirting £145  
H:0 W:0 D:0
Chichester400mm Kitchen Curved Skirting £84  
H:100mm W:0 D:0
Chichester3000 Top Box Moulding £77  
H:23mm W:0 D:0
ChichesterWall Batten (Qty 2 Per Box) £42
H:0 W:0 D:0
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