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The laundry room

Some homes have laundry rooms. Some create one within a utility area or boot room. Others have to figure out a way to weave one into a kitchen. Whichever scenario is true for you, do it in the loveliest of ways.

Unveiling our Chichester laundry collection.

The thinking

Like with everything we do, we thought, and we thought, and we thought some more about everything we would want in our own lives from a laundry room. We tried the widest and the narrowest vacuum cleaners and ironing boards to ensure they could neatly tuck away at the same time within the same cabinet, and we considered spaces large and small to ensure there’s a solution for every home. We didn’t leave a ‘peg’ unturned.

The detail

Who doesn’t love those little hidden details that reveal just how much consideration has been given to a design? Every shelf has our zigzag system so you can adjust them to the height you want. Our broom cupboard comes with a little J hook and leather strop so you can secure unruly vacuum nozzles or mop handles into place. Ventilation chambers go from top to bottom so condensation can float out freely. Some of the details you’ll appreciate day after day, others you won’t even know are there, but we do.

The essentials

Everything you could possibly need to store away, be it for housework or washing, has a home in our laundry collection:

Ironing board Iron Vacuum cleaner Mop and bucket Washing detergents
Hangers Spare tea towels Brushes Dustpan Linen sprays
Bin liners Pegs Feather dusters Household cleaners Scented drawer liners
Brooms Pouches of cedar shavings Kitchen towels Floor steamer Cleaning cloths