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Receive a free sink cabinet worth up to £1,000 when you spend over £8,000 on kitchen and enjoy 20% off over 100 designs. The January Sale.

Wall Cabinets
Chichester325mm 1 Door £335  
H:800mm W:325mm D:338mm
Chichester450mm 1 Door £395  
H:800mm W:450mm D:338mm
Chichester550mm 1 Door £450  
H:800mm W:550mm D:338mm
Chichester855mm 2 Door £650  
H:800mm W:855mm D:338mm
Chichester450mm 1 Door Glazed £445  
H:800mm W:450mm D:338mm
Chichester855mm 2 Door Glazed £650  
H:800mm W:855mm D:338mm
Chichester338mm 1 Door Curved £415  
H:800mm W:338mm D:338mm
Chichester338mm Curved Open Rack £290  
H:800mm W:338mm D:338mm
Chichester850mm Low Wall Open Rack £455  
H:650mm W:850mm D:338mm
Chichester1250mm Open Rack £500  
H:650mm W:338mm D:1250mm
Chichester1050mm Plate Rack Includes end panels Holds up to 40 plates £590  
H:650mm W:1050mm D:260mm