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Think tall

Full height cabinets


Our hero piece. The idea was to create a space in which you could hide every cleaning essential. We even created our own handy J hook and tan leather strop to secure unruly vacuum nozzles and broom handles into place.

H: 2,170mm, W: 690mm, D: 600mm
  • Divider section to separate tall and small things
  • Zigzag shelving
  • Racking system on the inside door panel with a rail and five S butcher’s hooks

This is how to create your very own airing cupboard wherever you have the room. Fully ventilated from tip to toe, condensation need never cross your mind. And inside there are five adjustable shelves and an oak hanging rail.

H: 2,170mm, W: 690mm, D: 600mm
  • Zigzag shelving
  • Can also be used as a coat cupboard in a boot room or spacious hallway

Washing machine below, tumble dryer sat on its shoulders, this is a cupboard that not only keeps appliances behind closed doors, but also frees up floor space. And with its open back, it means there’s never a battle with cabling.

H: 2,170mm, W: 725mm, D: 700mm
  • Thoughtfully designed so the uppermost machine is at a safe, but easily accessible height
  • Contains an additional top shelf for laundry essentials

Think small

Base cabinets

Two baskets

One-up, one-down, this compact cabinet is ideal for small spaces or at the end of a run where there’s a slot aside the washing machine. We like to use it as a miniature laundry trolley with lights in one basket and darks in the other.

H: 890mm, W: 550mm, D: 560mm
Four baskets

A larger version of the laundry base cabinet. It shares the same characteristics but is for homes with a little more space to play with. Not only perfect as a laundry area, its four woven rattan baskets can also be used to store washing essentials.

H: 890mm, W: 1000mm, D: 560mm
  • Contains Somerton wicker baskets
  • Operates on solid oak rods

Think wall

Wall cabinets


This is a laundry solution that takes up zero floor space and will be welcomed into homes little and large. So much more than shelving, it has a traditional oak airing rack that glides out when needed. If we had to describe it in one word, we'd say discreet.

H: 650mm, W: 750mm, D: 338mm
  • Airing rack has four drying rods and the front rail that can also be using for drying space
  • The shelf space is ideal for resting an iron, pegs, draw liners and linen sprays

Another clever space-saver. At the edge of the shelf is an oak rail for airing garments on clothes hangers with peg hooks beneath. It could even be used within a cloakroom as a more versatile coat rack. Whatever your home calls for the most.

H: 27.2cm, W: 96cm, D: 26.2cm
H: 27.2cm, W: 130cm, D: 26.2cm
  • Available in 2 sizes

Make the most of every bit of wall space you have with this solid oak rail. Designed to be used between wall cabinets as an additional hanging rail, it can take an impressive amount of weight. And when it’s not in use, it’s happy to blend into the background.

H: 30mm, W: 30mm, D: 1,200mm
H: 30mm, W: 30mm, D: 2,400mm
  • Comes in two lengths: 1.2m and 2.4m
  • Can be sawn to any length