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Are you sitting comfortably?

Behind the design

The story behind our covers

The frame

We care about all those details that you can’t see. So we build our frames as pieces of furniture in their own right, using solid timber and proper jointing. No glue and never any cardboard.

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The design details

There's an awful lot to consider: the style, the shape, the rake, the pitch, and so forth. And trying to balance them all in a way that promises form, fit and feel is far from easy.

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The fillings

Each chair is designed with a different, and specific, filling ratio to best suit its character. We use fibre, foam, duck feather, and down (for extra loftiness), and a serpentine spring base.

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The Available Now collection

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Just the way you want it

One sofa doesn’t fit all. We hope that you find our collection offers a spectrum of style, and once you’ve chosen your design, you can make it your own thanks to our Neptune Tailored service.

Sit and see

You’ll find many of our upholstery designs in our stores, waiting to be sat on, curled up on, and even laid down upon if it’ll help you with your decision-making.

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