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OliviaSofa, Medium
from  £2,135
61 fabrics W:170cm, D:105cm, H:88cm
OliviaSofa, Large
from  £2,450
62 fabrics W:202cm, D:105cm, H:88cm
OliviaSofa, Grand
from  £2,575
61 fabrics W:225cm, D:110cm, H:88cm
OliviaSofa, Empress
from  £2,675
61 fabrics W:245cm, D:110cm, H:88cm
New OliviaSofa Bed
from  £2,520
61 fabrics W:202cm, H:88cm
from  £1,235
63 fabrics W:86cm, D:105cm, H:88cm
Olivia loveseat
from  £1,380
62 fabrics W:121cm, D:110cm, H:88cm
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