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Austen Seascape Scented Candle

A large, three-wick candle in a decorative glazed ceramic bowl... Read more

A closer look at Austen

A large, three-wick candle in a decorative glazed ceramic bowl. Made using 80% soy and 20% mineral wax infused with natural essential oils, with cotton wicks. A complex scent: fresh and citrusy but with deeply comforting base notes.

The scent

We've taken the Seascape scent from our Huxley collection and filled a larger, decorative vessel. The scent is a complex combination: fresh and citrusy, but with base notes that feel comforting and deep. It makes us think of fresh laundry and the sea, but also of the fireside. It’s both summer and winter, masculine and feminine. And it seems to evolve a little bit more with each sniff.

The vessel

Our Austen candle comes in a ceramic vessel with a coloured glaze around the bottom. The colour is created by a reaction between two glazes once fired in the kiln. Therefore, no two will be the same, and will have a slight variation in colour.

Using your candle

Before lighting, trim the wick to stop the flame from spitting. The first time you use it, burn it for at least two hours so the entire top layer melts, and then for at least an hour each time after to stop a well forming in the centre.

  • Diameter :15cm
  • Height :11.50cm
  • Weight :2.55kg
  • Burn time :115hrs
  • Scent :Seascape
  • Made in the UK :Yes
  • Wax composition :Soy and mineral wax
  • Fragrance ingredients :1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octahydro-2,38,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthalenyl)ethenone

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