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The Ashcroft accessory collection is an ode to traditional craft. Every piece is tightly hand-woven from natural rattan with a pale, silver reed wash that’s matt in appearance. It offers an element of softness yet with incredible strength that will last for years to come.

H:4cm, Dia:5.5cm
W:20cm, H:30cm, L:20cm
W:31cm, H:5.5cm, L:36cm
2 sizes H:8cm, D:18cm, L:40cm
H:8cm, D:18cm, L:80cm
W:36cm, H:8cm, L:55cm
W:43cm, H:9cm, L:64cm
H:9cm, D:21cm, L:27cm
H:12.4cm, D:26cm, L:35cm
L:25cm, D:25cm, H:31.3cm
L:40cm, D:32.5cm, H:19cm
L:51cm, D:43.5cm, H:21cm
Dia:40cm, H:67cm
L:28cm, D:50cm, H:36cm
Dia:9cm, H:10cm
D:22, Dia:22cm, H:30cm
L:14cm, D:14cm, H:14cm
L:13cm, D:24.5cm, H:6cm
W:21cm, H:24cm, L:31cm
H:20.8cm, Dia:14cm
W:16cm, H:26.5cm, D:16cm
H:8cm, D:18cm, L:80cm
2 sizes H:8cm, D:18cm, L:40cm
W:36cm, H:8cm, L:55cm
W:43cm, H:9cm, L:64cm
W:14.5cm, H:5cm, L:24.5cm
L:17cm, D:17cm, H:18cm
L:17cm, D:30cm, H:18cm
Dia:30cm, H:34cm
H:15cm, D:31cm, L:43cm
L:33cm, D:33cm, H:17.5cm
Dia:22cm, H:56cm
L:50cm, D:44cm, H:32.5cm
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