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One of our most adored earthenware crockery collections. The Hanbury introduces a crafted, country touch to the kitchen through glazed brush strokes, an undulating rim and dimpled texture.

W:8.3cm D:13.7cm H:9.7cm
W:8.2cm D:8.5cm H:13cm
W:13.8cm D:18.5cm H:19.5cm
HanburyStorage Jar
from  €22
2 sizes
W:18cm D:26cm H:18cm
W:29cm D:29cm H:11cm
W:9cm D:13cm H:10cm
W:21cm D:21cm H:5cm
W:29.5cm D:29.5cm H:5.2cm
W:24cm D:24cm H:3cm
W:30cm D:30cm H:3cm
W:34cm D:34cm H:4cm