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Larsson 55x80cm Mirror

Larsson’s one of our prettiest mirrors, with a slim frame, carved details and a distressed, antique-style grey paint finish... Read more

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A closer look at Larsson

Larsson’s one of our prettiest mirrors, with a slim frame, carved details and a distressed, antique-style grey paint finish. It’s a natural fit for bedrooms and comes in two sizes – this one can be propped on a chest of drawers or hung above a dressing table.

The materials

Larsson’s made of tulipwood – a strong hardwood, whose fine, almost knot-free grain gives a smooth painted finish. On this design, there’s a base of Grey Oak paint which we cover completely using our Salt shade, and then sand parts back to let the colour beneath peep through. Or, we can paint it solidly in any of our other shades.

The finish

We take great care over our painted finishes and treat every design differently so it’s robust. In Larsson, this means a base of Grey Oak which we cover completely using Salt, before sanding this back so a little of the colour beneath can show though. Alternatively, we can paint Larsson solidly in any of our other colours for you.

Design Detail

The frame’s decorated with a simple line of beading, which is picked up by more distressing on its surface. This is where it would wear over time anyway, so it looks natural.

Where we see it

Larsson’s slim, delicate proportions are influenced by antique Swedish Gustavian furniture - a look that’s especially suited to bedrooms, but would also be elegant in a living room, if you like a classic look.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Width55cm
  • Height80cm
  • Depth3cm
  • Weight8kg

Just so you know

The colours in our paint palette shown here are a close representation of their true shades, but to see the real thing, we suggest trying our sample paint pots.

There’s a hook on the back of this mirror in case you’d like to hang it, but we haven’t included the fixings as you’ll need to select the best kind for your wall.

Taking care of Larsson

We’ve put together this guide to taking care of Larsson, so that it stays looking as beautiful as the day you first brought it home.

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